Registration Categories

Delegate Registrations

General Delegate - INR 30,000 / USD 600 (incl. GST)

Last Minute Rates - INR 33,000 / USD 660 (incl. GST)

(Applies to all delegate registrations submitted from 26 January 2020)

Early Bird Rate - INR 27,000 / USD 540 (incl. GST)

(Applies to all delegate registrations submitted before 25 October 2019)

*Only one discount type will apply for any registration.

Discounted Registrations

All discounted registrations (excluding early bird registrations) options require attendees to enter a Registration Code in the form. If you fall into one of the categories below, please contact to obtain your registration code.

Selected Speakers - 100% discount. No registration fees for one (1) presenting author of the papers selected for SulGas 2020.

Group -  10% discount for 3 or more registrations from one organization.

Sponsor Delegate - Is your company a sponsor for SulGas 2020? Sponsors are entitled to a certain number of free registrations and discounts on additional delegate registrations.

Student - 90% discount for student attendee registrations.

SulGas Mumbai 2020