Participating Papers

Adeep Sood, Dow Chemical International Pvt Limited

Energy efficiency enhancement opportunities in refineries through optimal design, capacity debottlenecking and operational optimization of gas treating systems

Alessandro Buonomini, KT - Kinetics Technology SpA

Enrich your SRU! How to increase Sulphur processing capacity of an existing plant

Amit Joshi, DuPont Clean Technologies

Efficiently reducing SO2 emissions on a smaller plot - A case study of MECS® DynaWave® technology at CPC Corporation, Taiwan

Ankur Jariwala, Schlumberger

High H2S Gas Field Monetization: A Novel Approach

Ankur Jariwala, Schlumberger

Marathon for First Gas- How an integrated sour gas treatment facility approach helps accelerated first gas

Chandrakant Joshi, Sulzer India Pvt. Ltd.

Gas Sweetening a new structured packing for improved capacity

Debopam Chaudhuri, Fluor Daniel India Private Limited

Harnessing the Additional Sulfur beyond IMO 2020

Dharmeshkumar Patel, Sulfur Recovery Engineering

Getting the Most out of your SRU Performance Tests

Helge Rosenberg, Haldor Topsoe A/S

A New Dimension for Treating your Sulphur Recovery Unit Tail Gases

Jacqueline Wong-Fat, KanStart Pte Ltd

A Comparative Evaluation of the Implementation of Emission Compliance Regulatory Frameworks in Leading Asian Countries Parties to UNFCCC 

Kausik Ghosh Mazumder, Engineers India Limited

Multi-faceted SRU Upgrade: An experience shared

Manjunath Bhaskar, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

In house modification of condenser to improve TGTU reliability & operation

Mukesh Mehta, Lummus Engineered Products, McDermott Technology

Increasing Sulphur Plant Capacity with Enriched Air

Nagendra Hindupur, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

Challenges in SRU Block Configuration - High Ammonia (NH3) content in Acid gas Feed

Rajendra Kamat, Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions

The balancing act of technology selection for a natural gas plant

Scott Kafesjian, Wood Group & Worley Parsons

State of the Art Sulphur Recovery in a Developing Country

Sean Mathew, Controls Southeast Inc

Minimizing Corrosion in SRU Vapor Lines

Sean Mathew, Controls Southeast Inc

A New Era in In-Situ Sulfur Degassing-ICON

Simon Weiland, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.

Sulfur Processing Operations during Startup, Shutdown, and Turndown

Jijnasa Panigrahi, Helium Consulting Pvt Ltd

A Unified System for Sulphur System Optimization & Real-Time Monitoring in Refining Units